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yeah, this computer is "straight edge" ANYWAY. i WAS typing in here until the computer decided to do some kind of voodoo, and reset everything. like i was and i were hanging out last night, and i recieved a call on my cell phone from a private number. i picked it up, and i knew it was ryan and the disgusting pig he calls his girlfriend. i also heard one of the "assistant managers" from cockbuster in the backround calling me names. they kept calling and bothering me. saying all of this degrading stuff. i remember when i was YOUNGER and did that to people. i guess it just goes to show how a 25 year old woman can associate with these children, and somehow find her way into the unintelligence of an 18 year old fat girl. anyway. i called her phone back, and left her a nice message. i do not like people fucking with me. if you're going to please have some more wit than that. especially when you're the assistant manager, have a child, and are married. that's not showing a good example to the children you hang out with.

anyway, that disgusts me, and i suddenly feel the need to vomit. people who gossip have nothing in their lives to feel good about other than their drug addictions. fuck that.
for ONCE, i would like to find a place where everyone is equal, and are mature. hmm...but yeah. i haven't "blogged" in a while. so i just thought this was a good opportunity to do so. i really want to do something. but everyone is busy i guess. i think i am going to have to pick up two jobs or something. i wish steph was here. shiit.

piece out.
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