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endless chaos in the movie life

open doors

Nancie, Hanna
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I'm pretty, but I'm not beautiful.
I sin, but I'm not the devil.
I'm good, but I'm not an angel
- Marilyn Monroe

i like to have fun. i don't give a shit what i am doing. but fun is what i like. i don't like people who lie, and pretend to be people they're not. i don't like how your friends drop your friendship for some one who has no intention of being faithful. i don't like rap music, or the new music that's managed to pollute our airwaves. i don't like girls either. mainly because every girl that i have tried to be friends with, has taken a dump on me, has just dropped me, or is so fucking retarded, that my intelligence goes on some kind of wicked downward spiral. yeah. the girls i do talk to, are probably the ones that i am most thankful to have. ( you know who you are)yeah, i don't like coleslaw, or anything too, ehh, fake...

if you don't like anything you just read then its probably best you don't waste your well earned time talking to someone like me...

near a sea of pianos, there were waves of chords that crashed against the shore in one huge and useless roar.

and maybe the sun keeps coming up because it has gotten used to you and your constant need for proof.

3-22-04 unexpected turn

i have a loud laugh.
short temper.
wild side.
sparkle in my eye.