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so its official. i think this journal has been nothing but a drama fest. i hate drama. yeah, anyway. i don't care. aren't you supposed to vent in these things? i thought so.

its strange how life hands you shit, or hands you happiness. lately its been shit. and yet, i always seem to be holding my head up in any situation. i just hate being betrayed. its great. great enough to where i may have to isolate myself away from everyone. is it me? i don't know if i cause people to fuck me over. but, i think i am going to become a bitch from hell. its been a long time coming and it needs to be now.

i know i am probably going to get screwed on the rent, and bills. but that will only make me stronger. beau is going to move in and take over the lease with me. i will feel so much better because i know he is reliable, and motivated. i just wish kyle would understand. he's the only think i have to look forward to. unlike some people, who haven't had a job in over 3 months, and constantly turn shit around on you making you look like the bad one. this morning at 6 am, i was playing my music, and tyler bangs really loud on the wall, and tells me to turn it down. and i told him to go get a job, and calls me a bitch, and mumbles some other shit. no one calls me a bitch. so i told him to get out now or that if he had a problem with it, he would be removed. and i really don't give a fuck who reads this and objects to it, because i am on the verge of exploding. this is fucking bullshit, and i don't want any part of it. i'm not his fucking mother. and i've noticed that cat doesn't have a job either, but she's trying and STILL, (yes) STILL supporting his ass. fuck that. i am tired of people walking on me. i swear to god if ONE more thing happens...that's fucking it. i am disconnecting the internet from his computer. if he wants me to play his mother, why should someone have priveleges if they don't work for them? fuck that shit. fuck everything. and fuck you.

lata guys.
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