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well shit. time to make another entry about nothing! i just got home from work. yeah, what time is it? l;ike 3:00 a.m.? yeah. we had to run the fuggin store manually because the computers were down until damn 11:00. then we had to type 9 hours worth of movies on people's accounts, and check them in and out by typing everything in. then after we did that it was about 1:00 a.m., and we had to run about 500 movies. we didn't get out of there until like 2:45. and i was there at 400 p.m.. a good 10 1/2 hours. ::does dance:: but i had a good time. it seems to go a little faster because we're busy. after we closed beau showed up, and passed out on the blockbuster floor. he has to work a double tomorrow. well, i should say today. but he was tired. im fuggin tired!it was exhausting just standing there for 10 hours. you folks who have nice sit down jobs....heh, i remember those days. i think i'd rather be doing something rather than sitting though. i don't want to become more unmotivated. shit, i am hungry. ugh. there's no food in thy apartment either. such a drag guys...:( well maybe we should start a "feed the poor italian" fund. each time one of you's say a bad word, you should insert one quarter in a jar. hmm.....yeah, maybe i'm thinking too much. tyler and cat are gone. so im just sitting here, alone......bleh....oh snap. margaret cho is coming to hard rock. and I AM GOING TO SEE HER ok?!?! hmm...if you wanna go, call me, and we'll ride out, niggaz. anyway. i really feel the need to clean. at 3 in the morning. by the way to those who smoke marijuana in my apartment. *DO NOT BRING IT IN THIS APARTMENT* yeah, i can smell it. i know what it is, and its gross.

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