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oh boy

i'm walking out of walmart after i got out of work at midnight last nigtht. and i realized that i'm always complaining because my nose is clogged. ALWAYS CLOGGED. but that's when i realize that sometimes its definitely a good thing. becuse some scrubby worker from walmart smoking a cigarette walks right past me, and i couldn't smell it. ::score:: so i guess there are pros & cons to things eh?

i am finally permanent at the 40 store. its sooooooooooo busy. like, more than i have EVER seen at a cockbuster. but i feel like i am doing better there for some reason. i am working 40 hours a week. and the district manager dwayne really likes me. he came in and gave me a hug. he's like "i thought we lost you! we can't have our top people leaving on us." i thought that was nice. and on top of that the store manager told my old manager that i am great. the staff there is cool too. they don't gossip, and they're on target. and that's what i need. i have to go to a store in lady lake today. that's like an hour away.

well i'm out!
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