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so yeah. yesterday cat gets the wonderful idea to microwave her undies. they were wet. well considering they almost caught on fire. this apartment is funny. when good people are in it. now i am faced with a challenge. as all of you know, i left blockbuster..(if you didn't know i am sorry, now you do)too much gossip goin on. and people saying a bunch of things that aren't true. my manager calls me up, and he tells me that he didn't let me go yet. that he wants me to work at a higher volume store, and he says that i have serious skills. but he picked ryan for a shift lead. hmm....there's room for advancement at the other store too. but until i get bumped up, i will be a csr. i've been there for 8 months, and i am still just a csr. if i am doing SO fucking well, then why don't you do something about it? ::thinks:: but i have to say that steve is/was the best manager i've EVER had. he's hilarious, works with his employees, and trys to make everything better. and it was really awesome of him to try and make sure i had another opportunity. i am considering going back to cockbuster. BUT whenever i left there, i started another job making 8.00 + whatever i sell. its a telemarketing job, and i have worked there before. but then again there's cockbuster, i know what i am doing there. i know all there is to know. (pretty much). and its like, second nature to me now. and if i pass this by, i don't want to regret it. but that goes along with the issue of money. i need money, badly. like i was saying, kyle wants me to move to orlando with him. and i think its a good idea. but i want to have enough money to support myself. i don't like relying on others to pay my way. fuck that. but anyway, i have to take a shower, and get ready to help my grandmother finish getting rid of some things. kathy pisses me off. ugh

piece out!!!!!!!
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